Fresh and Creative Coastal Dining at Seasalt Seminyak

The chic Alila Seminyak’s Seasalt Restaurant is a new addition for Bali culinary. Located on the ground level it was stretch along the beautiful Petitenget beach, with turquoise and beige interior that brings out the coastal hue.

Seasalt Restaurant Alila Seminyak Hotel Bali

With open kitchen concept on the side of the indoor dining area allows the guest to see the busy kitchen activity, while the outdoor area that seems to be everyone’s favorite where the diners will be entertained by the beauty of the sky with the relaxing sounds of the wave on the background.

Ever since they open their door, Seasalt Restaurant has appealed foodies’ eyes with Chef Vivian’s culinary creativities. Inspired by its coastal setting Seasalt Restaurant serves Japanese infusion dishes with seasalt as the main ingredients of their signature dishes.

Seasalt Restaurant Alila Seminyak Hotel Bali

Seasalt Ritual marks the start of our dining experience, served in a unique display of a pile of sea salt surrounded by sea shells that symbolize as coral on the sea. The look has intrigued our curiosity then our host cracks that pile of sea salt crust with a small wooden mallet and reveals a seaweed wrapped mackerel, butter, and mayonnaise. This creamy and umami spread were served with sourdough bread, it was amazingly tasty. Next we had their infused watermelon cubed with curry powder that gives a tangy vibes and builds up our appetite. Wow we’re so ready for the next course.

seasalt restaurant alila seminyak bali hotel


Several menus were chosen for our dinner, start from the sweet and light vegetarian friendly Kyoto Hummus with broccoli, edamame, avocado, romaine and moshio (Ancient Japanese seaweed salt).

seasalt restaurant alila seminyak hotel bali
Kyoto Hummus

As for the seafood we ordered some like Tuna Tartare that served in black rice crackers with wasabi, delicate Butterfish miso-honey, and Blue Swimmer Crab chawanmushi. Me personally not a big fan of chawanmushi because sometimes it’s too fishy for my taste, but their Blue Swimmer Crab chawanmushi is one of my favorite served with crab mayonnaise, it was silky, delicate and the most important thing it’s not fishy.

seasalt restaurant alila seminyak bali hotel
Tuna Tartare

Aside from the seafood parade we also had their Wagyu Short Rib a meat lovers’ favorite with its tenderness and rich flavors, at Seasalt they served their short ribs with mustard, miso and ginger juice.


Seasalt Restaurant Alila Seminyak Hotel Bali

But the main attraction for our dinner is definitely their signature dish that has caught everyone eyes on Instagram, it’s the White Snapper fish baked in a pile of sea salt like the one on Seasalt Ritual, this method of cooking create a moist and well-seasoned fish.

Seasalt Restaurant Alila Seminyak Hotel Bali
White Snapper

The baked fish was served with 5 sides: trio tomato salads, potato katsuobushi salad, yuzu cucumber sesame salad, green salad, and dashi butter lemon sauce. Each side gives different taste and would elevate the flavors of the dish.

seasalt restaurant alila seminyak bali hotel
Passion Coco

Wrapping up our dinner we had their dessert called Passion Coco, made from passion cream, passion pearl, passion blanket, coco crumble and coconut milk sorbet that create an exotic delicate dessert.


As for lunch menu we opt for something fast and packed with flavors, so my husband aims for their Crispy Pork Belly with ponzu glaze and uniquely served with steamed plantain.

Seasalt Restaurant Alila Seminyak Hotel Bali
Crispy Pork Belly

And as for me, since it was a chilly windy day so I’ve set my eyes on their Pork Ramen. And I find the taste just what I love from a bowl of hot ramen, rich depth broth flavors with tender pork belly and soft-boiled egg that makes a great flavor combo.

Seasalt Restaurant Alila Seminyak Hotel Bali
Pork Ramen

We also order one of their favorite green tea smoked Duck Breast to share, served with beetroot relish, sweet potato, wasabi- sour cream .

Duck Breast

We love our Seasalt Restaurant coastal dining experience with its cozy and chic ambiance, exquisite food presentation, and most of all how every plate they served has successfully tantalized our palate with Chef Vivian’s creative and beautifully crafted dish.

For dinner time, we highly recommend to make a reservation especially if you prefer to sit on the outdoor area.

Seasalt Restaurant
Alila Hotel Seminyak
Jalan Pantai Ganesha No. 9
Petitenget, Seminyak
Bali 80361
Ph: +62 361 3021 889
Instagram: @seasaltseminyak


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  1. jcliani says:

    Beautiful and delicious dishes. The Japanese touch is very unique yet still looks authentic at the same time

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