Megibung at Kunyit Restaurant, Kuta

Have you ever heard Balinese Megibung tradition? Well, Megibung is a Balinese family dining tradition, where all family members sits together and share ideas while eating from one big plate with many dishes served.

Now we can experience Megibung in Kunyit Restaurant, one of The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali restaurant that located in one of Kuta’s the busiest street. Kunyit restaurant serves Indonesian and Balinese dishes with authentic taste in a warm ambiance.

Kunyit Restaurant has an elegant contemporary Balinese décor with tall glass and wooden door, surrounded by big and tall trees that give some breezy atmosphere.

Before we start our dining experience the process starts with hand washing tradition, first they put a big ceramic plate in front of us, then they bring a big ceramic jar filled with ice water and pour it on our hands. Perfect cool sensation for a hot day.

For the Megibung experience we had their Bali Aga set menu  that comprise several dishes, we started with Cram Cam Ayam a Balinese clear chicken soup that quite spicy but really appetizing. Then a set of dishes were served on our table like Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay), Sate Lilit Kempul (Balinese Fish Satay), Be Siap Mepanggang Sambal Matah (Grilled Chicken with Sambal Matah), Pepes Ikan (Steam Fish wrapped in banana leaf), Udang Bakar (Grilled Prawn), Urutan (Balinese Pork Sausages), Lawar Campur (Vegetables). All those dishes were accompanied by aromatic Sambal Bongkot (Balinese sambal with torch ginger flower), appetizing Sambal Mbe (Balinese sambal made from fried chili, shallot & garlic), white rice and brown rice.

After all those dishes we still spare some space for their dessert platter, it comes in four small plates consist of fruits and some traditional delicacies like banana fritters, bubur injin (Balinese black rice pudding), Onde-onde (fried glutinous rice balls filled with mung bean paste) and some cassava cake.

The whole set is for two person, but for me and my husband the portion is too big however they successfully deliver the authentic flavors and the wonderful experience.

Kunyit Restaurant
The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali
Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta
Bali – Indonesia
Instagram: @Kunyit_Resto