Earth Day Meal

On Earth Day, we took a spin and give a twist on objects of our food article, when on any given day we give exposes to anything from Burger to Steak, but this time the limelight are on salad and green food that will re-calibrate our body and mind.

From marvelous salad that will change your perception that it only for appetizer to a chia pudding to recharge your energy before a long beach stroll, read on and be inspired by these beautifully crafted-earth friendly meals

Drifter Japaneasy Salad

A surf-lifestyle store that goes beyond surfing activity, Drifter shop up at Bingin, serve a twist of Asian salad. Japaneasy Salad (75k) hitting you hard with a bowlful of goodness, contains sesame soba noodles, mixed cabbage, edamame, marinated wakame, crispy tofu, carrot radish, spring onion, dried nori and a mind-bending ginger miso dressing.

Japaneasy Salad

“We source almost all of these ingredients locally, not just in a way to support local farming, but also reducing carbon print on the environment which usually came from the vehicle that was used to importing things” add Arrow the Manager. A scrumptious, healthy food for a happy belly indeed.

Drifter Shop, Cafe & Gallery

Life On The Juice’s Chia Seeds Pudding

A pimped out Volkswagen van with hand draw mural stationed at Padma beach car park who consistently serving beachgoers and surfers alike a healthy portion of fresh juice and yummy Chia Seeds Pudding (65k) either for pre-surf session power meal or refueling after a long beach stroll.

Chia Seeds Pudding

Their chia seeds pudding contains your choice of smoothie base, topped with granola and fresh sliced fruits such as strawberries and banana, the portion are just perfect since it will wipe the hunger but not make you feel like you ate a cinderblock.

On The Juice

Drifter Shop, Cafe & Gallery
Jalan Labuan Sait
Uluwatu – Bali
nstagram: @drifterbali

On The Juice
Jalan Padma, Kuta
Badung – Bali
Ph: +62819-3609-3690
instagram: @lifeonthejuice