Sharing Plate at Milk & Madu, Canggu


Story by: Gino Andrias. On one balmy Friday afternoon, in the inner skirt of Bali’s latest hip town; Canggu, we decide to cruise by and immerse our self in the dusk vibe at the outdoor garden of Milk & Madu. Obviously this is not our first time to hit this venue who manage to blend the outdoor and indoor dining area seamlessly neat, but this visit is aimed to give a highlight onto their meal that better to be shared.


Not just that they are big in portion, but the presentation shown on the plate that they are better to be enjoyed with other, either as an appetizer or main course.


Our afternoon mini feasts kicked off with Madu Garlic Bread (39K), this baby served on our table as the earliest item that literally teardown all of our normal expectation of garlic bread. A loaf of bread smothered with homemade garlic butter, sprinkled with rosemary and thrown into a lava stone over for a traditional baking session. This method resulting a perfectly grilled bread with a touch of crispiness on the outer skin but smooth and tender in the inside with a dash of charcoal and bitter of the rosemary.


Prawn Tacos (69K) comes next, beds of homemade slaw with special creamy sauce topped with fresh prawn. Big up to Milk & Madu team who manage to combine these sauce and prawns perfectly, knowing these two components are so delicate and have tendency on overpowering one another if they are not measured carefully.


Our main course comes representing the land and the ocean. 12 Hours Pork Belly (89K) show it’s crispiness and smoothness once it landed on our table. A big chunk of pork belly that been grilled in their secret way and ingredients, continuously for a half day, giving it an unbeatable crispiness but smooth and tender on the fat layer and meat once we sink out teeth in, it served with creamy garlic mash and caramelized shallot.


The ocean element represented by Pan Seared Barramundi (89K), fresh yet tender Barramundi fish seared on a pan, sitting on pearl barley salad with grilled zucchinis, edamame, snowpeas, fresh herbs and honey mustard dressing with its character of balanced sweet and slight tanginess that put this dish to alive.


The sunset leaving its heart-captivating glare during our afternoon photo session, the meals with its taste and portions served perfectly, complimenting each other without again overpowering one another. Afternoon pre dinner nibble or early dinner would just fits right in with these dishes


Milk & Madu
Jalan Pantai Brawa #52
Canggu, Bali
IG: @MilkandMadu





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