Sushi Hana Bali

Sushi Hana, a Japanese restaurant located in the midst of busy Sunset Road, Bali. If it’s your first time visiting here, the building might fooled you. It looks just like an ordinary big shop house (ruko), but once you enter the restaurant on the 1st floor you can feel the Japanese ambiance; with wooden structures, dark lacquer wooden panels and frames, artificial trees, shoji windows / dividers on the private rooms and go straight to the back area; they have a semi outdoor garden dining area. I think the size of the restaurant is quite vast.



As for the food itself they have quite wide selections, usually for appetizers we had their Baked Salmon but this time we tried their Baked Scallops (54.8K); perfectly cooked scallops served with snow crab, tobiko (flying fish roe), wakame (seaweed), mayo and eel sauce. I think it’s a great combo of creamy, sweet and salty flavors that really builds up my appetite.sushi_hanna_food1-01


I love sushi and sashimi but my husband won’t eat raw fish so we opt for a “western-style” sushi called Dragon Rolls (65,8 K), this sushi roll was filled with snow crab, tamago (egg), cucumber, avocado, unagi (eel) and tobiko on top.



For the main we had Yofu Hamburg (69.8K) like a Japanese hamburger steak stuffed with cheese, served with Cajun fries and demi-glace sauce.


And one of my favorite main courses is their Kamameshi Beef & Chicken (84.8K) kamameshi is a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in a pot; and in here the rice were marinated in spicy snow crab topped with grilled beef & chicken.


In the hot weather like Bali, make sure to try their shaved ice dessert that would really cools you down. The one I had was the Matcha Heaven (44.8K) with green tea flavored shaved ice, sprinkled with almond flakes, with some red bean poured on top of it and last but not least topped with whipped cream and green tea ice cream; what a treat for a sunny day 🙂


Overall for me the food itself taste good, and another thing that I like from this place that they have a kids playground on the 2nd floor, so if you still want to have a chit chat but your little ones feel a bit bored just let them play there; I’m sure it will entertain them.


Sushi Hana Bali
Jalan Sunset Road no. 239
Kuta – Bali
62361– 8496501


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