Dinner Picnic at Milk & Madu

This time I want to share our picnic experience with some friends. My friends and I decided to have something different for dinner, WE HAD A PICNIC!! 🙂 It was fun to get out of the routine once in a while, luckily the sky were clear so we could throw this picnic.
2016_0921_17113900-01The location for our picnic is not too far from our house, it was in one of my favorite café in Canggu; Milk & Madu. Since August they open for dinner with some lovely pizza selections and some tantalizing dishes to share.

For our picnic they throw some blankets and set up some wooden crates for our table on their garden, so while mommies enjoying our early dinner time, sipping wine and gazing the beautiful sunsets; the little ones can play around in the lawn with some toys or hiding inside their teepee tent.

2016_0921_18120500-01Ok, let’s talk about the dinner menu; definitely still focusing on fresh food they create two pizza selections: the tasty classic pizzas such as the Margherita pizza, Quatro Formaggi pizza, Napolitan pizza and Prosciutto pizza; also some delicious Gourmet Pizzas. Got Beef Ese Pizza (140K / 170K) is one of my favorite here, it’s like eating Mexican taco but on a pizza 🙂 it’s topped with ground beef, beans, corn salsa, jalapenos, sour cream, mozzarella and coriander.
For seafood lovers, try their The Rusty Anchor pizza (150K / 180K) consist of garlic prawn, fresh fish, calamari, anchovies, chili flakes and mozzarella. Or something a bit sweet and flavorsome BBQ Chicken pizza (130K / 160K) with crispy bacon, mushrooms, marinated capsicum, roasted red onion, mozzarella and fresh parsley.


Got Beef Ese Pizza
Got Beef Ese Pizza
Mama Meatballs

Whilst on the grazing sections they offer some delicious menus to share such as Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli, Polenta chips, Nachos Grande, children favorite’s Crunchy Southern Fried Chicken, and my personal favorite is Mamas Meatballs (75K) juicy meatballs bathe in rich tomato sauce, with parmesan and fresh parsley.

Everybody Loves Pizza 🙂

So looking for something different for dinner or just wanna hangout with your friends but your little ones still can have fun too, just try to get out and have a picnic once in a while and Milk & Madu definitely can cater you for that :).

Milk & Madu
Jalan Pantai Brawa #52
Canggu, Bali
IG: @MilkandMadu


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