Pandawas Villas Ubud

Ubud were known as a cultural and classic town in Bali, in most corner of this town we can see many galleries and workshops. With its tranquil ambiance I think Ubud is perfect for a laid back and relaxing holiday, it was quite different atmosphere to where I live in Kerobokan. Well since it’s a school holiday it’s a great time to spend a few days getaway in Ubud.



It took about an hour drive from Kerobokan to Ubud, passing through some rice fields, woods, and we finally arrive in Ubud center where most of the commercial activity occurs; the Ubud market, Ubud palace, boutiques, cafés, hotels and many more.


From Ubud center we drove to the north side of Ubud and head to Tegallalang. This area was known for its beautiful rice terrace scenery also for its arts and crafts shops. Tegallalang has less traffic compare to the Ubud center; it goes up the steep hill with lots of crafts shops on the side of the road.



On this little getaway we stay at a villa on Tegallalang village, the villa was located behind the main road but the road to go there was surrounded with lush big trees. Up and down we go and finally reach the villa entrance that says Pandawas Villa (book here for special price); this road to the villa was quite steep.


Passing through their big garden and fish ponds we finally enter the big lobby area, it also use for a common area with library on one side, big dining table and few couches overlooking the big infinity pool with lush greenery and tall trees on the background. We even had a chance to spot from a far some monkeys jumping around from trees to trees from the swimming pool area.



This 4 bedroom villa have different name for each area of the villa taken from the Pandawa’s name (Characters from Hindu saga Mahabhrata epic tales). We stay in one of their room; it has beautiful chic ethnic décor accentuated with deep purple color that really brings a luxury ambiance. Overall the room was really spacious; we spotted a big cozy bed on one side with small day bed in front of the bed. And on the other side is the living room, with a big cozy couch, big screen TV with international channel and surround sound system.


Move a bit to the back is like the dressing room, with big vanity mirror and big wall to wall wardrobe, it’s almost like something I wish I had at my house. Next to the dressing room there’s an ethnic door that directs us to the open air bathroom. It has big bathtub on one side, separated shower and toilet; also two copper wash basins. Well as I mention before this bathroom were open aired so just be ready to encounter some small bugs might drop by :).

dressing room
Dressing Room
Open Air Bathroom
Open Air Bathroom

For breakfast they only offer three choices: pancakes, American or Continental breakfast. And we can choose where we want to have our breakfast in the room or on the dining room along with other guests.


Well, since this villa’s location is a bit hidden it’s better to have our own vehicle to travel around. But they also provide a shuttle service to some area in Ubud. With their friendly and warm service and this beautiful, quiet and close to nature villa I think this villa would suitable for family vacation or romantic honeymoon getaway.

Pandawas Villa Ubud (book here for special price)
Jl. Raya Kendaran No. 1
Banjar Kepitu, Desa Kendaran
Tegallalang , Gianyar
Ph +62 361 971877


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