Paleo Menu at Sattvic Restaurant

During our staycation at The Leaf Jimbaran we had a chance to experience some of their signature cuisine at the Sattvic Restaurant, just like the villa itself that focus more on wellness and health the restaurant also serves healthy and nutritious menu.

foodcious_05-24-10.37.08foodcious_05-24-10.36.19Sattvic Restaurant is an Asian fusion restaurant. All the menu here inspired by healthy celebrity chef Daniel Green, using fresh and nutritious ingredients based on Paleo diet. Paleo diet is a diet based on the types of food presumed to be eaten by early human or also known as caveman diet, consist of meat, fish, vegetables and food, and exclude any dairy and processed food.

Turnip Root and Chicken Pandan Salad


Thai Beef Salad
Thai Beef Salad

While most healthy food consider as tasteless and raw food, on the contrary here they serve delicious, tasty and amusing menu. Some tantalizing appetizers like Turnip Root and Chicken Pandan Salad served with cucumber and wasabi dressing which is quite refreshing for lunch, or the aromatic and zesty Thai Beef Salad with tender beef slices. Also the rich flavors of the Green Laksa we had for dinner with river lobster, egg and coconut espuma.

Green Laksa
Green Laksa
Steak and Coffee Herb

For meat lovers they got this wonderful and moist Steak and Coffee Herb, it’s a coffee rubbed steak served with pok-coy and rich Texas Barbeque sauce. Five Spices Asian Grilled Pork also a must-try menu here, it’s a caramelized pork loin kinda like Chinese char-sui pork served with scallop, shiitake mushroom and pumpkin puree.

Five Spices Asian Grilled Pork
Miso Salmon
Miso Salmon

Ok so far we’ve tried some Thai and Chinese dish, how about something from Japan? Well, they have this menu called Miso Salmon, basically it’s a salmon steak marinated in fresh miso served with wok fried vegetables. Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning made from fermented soyabean, it’s salty, savory and had a distinct aroma.

Risotto Veggie Tower
Risotto Veggie Tower

They also have some delicious vegetarian menu like the Risotto Veggie Tower, this risotto consist of four layers of risotto rice with tomato, spinach and mushroom shiitake served with herb oil. Not only it was really tasty, it’s also colorful and beautiful.

Es Daluman
Es Daluman

As for the dessert they have something called Es Daluman, basically Daluman is a Balinese traditional refreshment made from grass jelly, at Sattvic they infused the homemade grass jelly with lychee and it was served with watermelon and coconut sorbet.

My dining experience at Sattvic proved that diet food doesn’t necessary mean bland taste, raw food and vegetables only, here they served tasty food that makes diet more enjoyable.


Sattvic Restaurant
The Leaf Jimbaran
Jalan Jepun Karang Mas Sejahtera
Jimbaran, Bali
62 361 4725 445



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