Caribou Coffee, Senopati

#Jakarta, Me & my friends need to have our weekly meeting for @polkakidz, so we were decide to have it in a new coffee place around Senopati area called Caribou.


When first entering the place I immediately feel its cozy atmosphere, they have cool painting on the stair wall and I like the room decoration.


The place is suitable for us to have a meeting as well (cozy chair and a bit in the corner).


I order ice dark chocolate in small size (44k) and butter croissant (15k) with pesto sauce (10k). The ice chocolate was quite sweet but the good thing is the bitterness from the dark chocolate able to balance it.


Warm butter croissant with pesto sauce was so ‘makyusssss’ 😅 LOVE IT!!! So many cakes & bread that I wanna try in here but I’m too full, so maybe next time I will come here again 😉. Another must visit coffee place in senopati area.


Coribou Coffee

Jl. Senopati No. 52



IG: @cariboucoffeeid 


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