Republik 1945, Kerobokan

(Bahasa Indonesia) Newbie on the island.

Republik 1945 is a new culinary destination in Bali located in jalan raya Kerobokan. It has industrial yet stylish design with plants decorating one side of the wall that adds a touch of homey feeling to this grand building.

This restaurant trying to highlights Indonesian food in a sophisticated ambiance but still have the authentic taste of the dishes.

Ayam Pelalah (65K) and Tahu Isi Pedas (55K) were served as our appetizer for that night. Ayam Pelalah were Balinese traditional dishes, shredded chicken with a hint of heat served on top of traditional Melinjo crackers. Whilst Tahu isi pedas were crispy fried tofu stuffed with vegetables and vermicelli, the tofu itself were tasty but to bring it to another level just dip it to the hot soy sauce and it will enhance the flavor.

Off to the main course, we’ve tried Sup Cumi Pedas (95K) it consist of squid and vegetables, at first it might look a bit scary and really spicy with the radiant red color of the soup, but turns out the hot and sour flavor of this soup really brings up my appetite and it has generous amount of heat but doesn’t burns in my stomach.

The next course is Rawon (105K), it’s a traditional beef stew dishes from East Java dishes commonly found in most restaurant and eatery in East Java. The taste of this rawon were a bit different with what I usually found, it has thick broth soup rather than thin one like what I usually found. With tender and melt in your mouth beef, lemongrass and other herbs aroma on the soup really brings another level to rawon dishes. This dishes served with salted egg and potato cake on the side.

Buntut Bakar Sambal Kemangi (145K) also on my list for that night, grilled oxtail in honey and tomato served with chili chutney; this oxtail dishes were really tender, it even fell apart when I tried to pick it up J. Usually I removed the fat from the oxtail before I ate it, but this one literally melts in my mouth. It has sweet and a hint of sour flavor on the oxtail with fragrant chili chutney that will enrich the flavor.

With all that dishes I’ve tried unfortunately I have to skip the sweet treats for now, but I’m really interested to try their Jajan Pasar for my next visit here. Pricewise I think it really reasonable since we can share one dishes up to 3 people, along with the ambiance, food quality and service.

Republik 1945
Jalan Raya Kerobokan 86A
Kuta – Bali
62819 – 1674 1844


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