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One of the well-known facts about Bali is the beautiful views of its culinary destinations. I’m going to show you a place that offers a one-of-a-kind view (so far) of a mangrove forest with tidal marsh beach and a highway that goes above the sea – which, according to the developer, is the most beautiful highway in Indonesia.

But it’s not just the view. What may interest you is the crabs here arebeing bred by fishermen in Tuban area, so it’s definite the crabs are fresh and also the fishermen prosperous. This restaurant was built in a shape of rumah panggung (Indonesian high-footed wood house) because once every 4 hours tides will come and go.

When I arrived before dinner time, Kampoeng Kepiting welcomed me with a unique drink, Mangrove Juice, made from a fruit which Balinese would call Pidada. The taste was enchanting; fresh and sweet (no sugar added) – tasted like tamarillo mixed with orange, and continued with Mangrove Salad as entrée. The fruit juice of Pidada and Asian Vegetable Organic Palm Sugar were among the ingredients in the dressing.

Before I dove into the main course, I had Fish Head Soup and Grilled Mackerel which were so fresh since they used fish the fishermen just caught last night.


And now the main course – Kepiting Tol Bergoyang (“Shaking Highway Crab”, literally); crab meat cooked with special Balinese herbs and spices (Bumbu Genep) with a touch of Kampoeng Kepiting magic. For the medium size like the one I had, I just got to pay 110K, rice included. For that price, you can have the finest crabs bred by local fishermen, since the taste is superb and the meat is plenty so you will be satisfied, full and happy because the price fits.


The setting sun, high tide taking its place and dainty lights from the highway reflected at the sea surface undeniably made me enjoy my dinner at Kampoeng Kepiting more.


Kampoeng Kepiting Kuliner
Ekowisata Mangrove Wanasari
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.1 Tuban, Bali

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