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If you’re looking to impress your guests during the Super Bowl, there’s no better way than to create a snack stadium. Not only does it look impressive, but it’s also functional and makes snacking during the game a lot more fun. Here’s how to build the ultimate Super Bowl snack stadium:

Ingredients and Materials:

– Two 12×18-inch display boards
– Five to six 9×13-inch aluminum pans
– Assorted bowls and containers for dip and smaller snacks
– Shallow dishes for garnishes, such as lettuce leaves or sliced lemons
– Toothpicks, skewers, and small flags for labeling
– A variety of your favorite snacks and appetizers, such as chips, veggies, crackers, dips, meats, cheese, and more.


1. Prepare the display boards. Cover the boards with paper or foil in your chosen color. This will serve as the “field” of your stadium, so choose a color that will complement the colors of the snacks and dips you’ll be using.

2. Arrange the aluminum pans on the boards. These will serve as the “stadium seats.” Depending on your desired layout, you can use a combination of square and rectangular pans, or you can arrange them in a curved or circular shape, like a stadium.

3. Fill the pans with snacks and appetizers. The possibilities are endless here, but make sure to choose a variety of snacks that will appeal to different tastes and preferences. You can use chips, veggies, crackers, dips, fruits, nuts, candies, meats, cheese, and more. Arrange them in a way that looks appealing to the eye and complements the overall theme of your stadium.

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4. Add smaller containers for dips and sauces. Use small bowls or containers for dips, sauces, and condiments, and arrange them in strategic places throughout the stadium. This will make it easy for guests to access them and prevent spillage or mess.

5. Garnish with lettuce leaves or sliced lemons. To add a touch of color and freshness to your stadium, you can use lettuce leaves or sliced lemons as garnishes. Arrange them around the edges of the stadium or in between snacks to add texture and interest.

6. Label the snacks with toothpicks and small flags. To help guests navigate the stadium and find their favorite snacks, label them with toothpicks and small flags. You can write the name of the snack or the team it represents, or you can use decorative flags in the colors of the participating teams.

7. Enjoy! Once your snack stadium is complete, sit back and enjoy the game with your guests. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures and share them on social media to show off your impressive creation!


– To build the ultimate snack stadium, you’ll need display boards, aluminum pans, bowls, toothpicks, and a variety of snacks and appetizers.
– Arrange the aluminum pans in a stadium shape and fill them with snacks and appetizers.
– Add small bowls or containers for dips and sauces, and garnish with lettuce leaves or sliced lemons.
– Label the snacks with toothpicks and small flags to help guests navigate the stadium.
– Sit back and enjoy the game with your guests!

Splendid Build The Ultimate Super Bowl Snack Stadium | Delish Quick and Easy Meals

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