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As the big game day rolls around, you may be eagerly anticipating the party platters and game day snacks. However, don’t forget about the important meal that starts it all – breakfast! Here are a few ideas to get you started on planning a Super Bowl breakfast that will get you and your guests’ energy levels up for the day to come.

1. Breakfast Burritos
Wrap up some scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, diced potatoes, and shredded cheese in a warm tortilla for a hearty breakfast option. You can also add in some fresh diced tomato, jalapenos or avocado for extra flavor.

2. Bagel Bar
Offer a variety of bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon, sliced red onions, and capers for guests to assemble their own bagel sandwiches. This savory option is perfect for those who prefer a lighter breakfast.

3. Breakfast Pizza
This breakfast take on the classic party dish is always a crowd pleaser. Whip up a pizza using scrambled eggs as the base, add your favorite toppings like sausage, bacon, ham, vegetables and cheese to create a satisfying meal.

4. French Toast Casserole
Prepare a decadent and yummy breakfast classic by slicing French toast into “fingers,” stacking and layering then baking in a casserole dish until the top is golden brown. Serve with maple syrup and whipped cream or any other preferred toppings.

5. Yogurt and Granola Parfaits
For those who are health-conscious, create a self-serve bar of plain yogurt, berries, and granola. This option is perfect for guests who are trying to stick to their diets while still enjoying the festivities.

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6. Smoothie Bowls
Blend up a nutritious and colorful smoothie bowl made with fresh or frozen fruits, yogurt, honey, and nuts. You can customize smoothie bowls to accommodate dietary restrictions and personal preferences.

So, whether you prefer savory or sweet, traditional or contemporary breakfast dishes, these Super Bowl breakfast ideas can energize and fuel your day. Give your guests the best start to their Super Bowl day by providing tasty and satisfying breakfast options.

– Breakfast Burritos
– Bagel Bar
– Breakfast Pizza
– French Toast Casserole
– Yogurt and Granola Parfaits
– Smoothie Bowls

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