Chef Takagi Kazuo “Two Star Japanese Michelin Star”

Chef Takagi entered the culinary world at the age of 23. Although he started later than most Japanese chefs, Chef Takagi prevailed with talent, dedication and great passion.

His restaurant Takagi in Japan has received two Michelin stars since 2010, when the first Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara version of the Michelin Guide was published.

Chef Takagi specializes in Kyoto Cuisine. His creations reflect the season and unfold cultural tales. Chef Takagi’s soup is the most symbolic of his cooking, which is composed, delicate and illustrative.

Chef’s Quote
“Kyoto cuisine reflects the beauty of a season, and is prepared with harmony and care.”

Kyoto Cuisine
Kyo-ryori (Kyoto Cuisine) is not only about eating. The spirit of Kyo-ryori lies in the perfect balance of sophistication, visual beauty, and subtlety of taste. Trained and guided by Kyo-ryori culinary masters, Chef Takagi dedicates himself to serving creations using only the freshest ingredients, aiming to celebrate the season via his food. His cuisine is designed with “season, festivity, and innovation” in mind, incorporating lots of Taiwanese vegetables and other domestic ingredients to bring it close to local diners.

Chef Takagi’s signature dish
Soup is symbolic of Chef Takagi’s cuisine because he believes the taste and aroma of a soup characterizes one’s culinary style and defines a restaurant’s personality. His “number one broth” is cooked with kelp from cold sea-water in northern Japan and bonito (dried tuna flakes) from Kyushu. This heavenly broth is the base of a lot of dishes, including the Homemade Sesame Tofu and the signature soup – the Floating Kiku Flower (chrysanthemum).

Chef Takagi’s Passion
Because his creations are all about the celebration of culinary arts, Chef Takagi requires that all service staff be trained to tell the stories behind each dish so as to bring the best culinary experience to the patrons.

The complexity of the menu that includes many styles of preparation is designed to appeal to all the senses, as well as extending the dining experience to an awareness of seasonal change, poetic beauty and the bounty and versatility of nature.

Takagi has deep respect and love for these traditions, and hopes to bring a greater understanding of them to a wider audience.

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