EXPLORING CANGGU – Weekend Sambil Cobain Tempat Baru

Udah beberapa saat gw ngga main ke Canggu walaupun cuman 20 menit dari rumah. Dan perkembangan daerah ini cukup cepat, jadi hampir selalu ada TEMPAT BARU DI CANGGU yang menarik untuk dikunjungi, Neverending Canggu life!

One Stop Food and Fashion Bar at Logo House, Bali

Combining a boutique and cafe under one roof, Logo House arrived in Renon Denpasar with their one-stop shop and dine concept following their preceding outlets in several cities in Indonesia. The building itself is quite catchy, with industrial design and monochrome decor that brings the urban feels. The menu itself is a combination of Western…

Taste of Comfort from Sala Bistro, Sanur

With their passion for culinary, this group of friends collaborate to start this bistro and served Western-Asian comfort food with specialty coffee from Seniman Coffee; a well-known coffee producer, exporter, and roaster in Bali

Light & Exotic Indian Cuisine : TIFFIN Bali

Introduces a progressive approach to Indian cuisine with its ‘Indian tapas’ concept. With emphasis
placed on the quality of ingredients and redefined presentation, the food at Tiffin is as Indian as it is

Seminyak: Killer Ribs from Naughty Nuri’s Seminyak

From Ubud to Seminyak. Naughty Nuri’s the legendary Ubud’s pork ribs have recently opened in Seminyak, at Jalan Mertanadi Kerobokan. The name behind those juicy lip-smacking BBQ pork ribs and famous martinis has become one of the must visit culinary destination for over two decades in Ubud. Naughty Nuri’s Signature BBQ Spare Ribs (135K) is…

Megibung at Kunyit Restaurant, Kuta

Have you ever heard Balinese Megibung tradition? Well, Megibung is a Balinese family dining tradition, where all family members sits together and share ideas while eating from one big plate with many dishes served. Now we can experience Megibung in Kunyit Restaurant, one of The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali restaurant that located in one of…

All Fresh Sauces & Pastas Dish at La Gastronomia

We recently visit a new restaurant at jalan Batu Belig, it’s an Italian restaurant called La Gastronomia. What so great about La Gastronomia? Well, they made their sauces and pastas from scratch, all fresh with authentic Italian recipes. The restaurant itself is quite vast with a big parking lot (yes, in Bali having a parking…