Oakley Bali Sale 2017

Menyambut musim liburan tengah tahun kali ini, Oakley Vault & Factory Outlet Bali mengadakan diskon gahar up to 80%, mulai dari kacamata, pakaian dengan teknologi quick dry, boardshort, topi, sampai travel bag

Hard Rock Café Bali “World Burger Tour 2017”

The epicenter of good ol burger, putting their mouth watering burger into the center of attention, but this time they will take your taste bud for a round the world trip, by presenting 4 burgers from 4 corners of the world, representing their distinctive tastes and twists from county of origin

Earth Day Meal

On Earth Day, we took a spin and give a twist on objects of our food article, when on any given day we give exposes to anything from Burger to Steak, but this time the limelight are on salad and green food that will re-calibrate our body and mind. From marvelous salad that will change…

Sharing Plate at Milk & Madu, Canggu

Story by: Gino Andrias. On one balmy Friday afternoon, in the inner skirt of Bali’s latest hip town; Canggu, we decide to cruise by and immerse our self in the dusk vibe at the outdoor garden of Milk & Madu. Obviously this is not our first time to hit this venue who manage to blend the…

Swich Sandwich “The Way You Like It”

Guest Blogger: Gino Andrias. Sandwich is a food item commonly consisting of two or more slices of bread, with one or more fillings between them, that’s what Wikipedia said. While Uncle Sam’s country, a court in Boston to be exact, ruled that “sandwich” includes at least two slices of bread. If you trying to figure out…