Blissful Green Getaway: Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar

Perched in the midst of Ubud’s verdant tropical valley, Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar at The Kayon Jungle Resort is a blissful vacation destination to chill, relax and experience the distinctive feel of Bali.

Bali is well-known for plethora of gorgeous white-sandy beaches which has drawn global tourists to flock around during holiday season to enjoy the immaculate ‘slice of paradise’ first hand; especially nowadays when beach club and sunset bar are emerging as a popular spot to get soaked in the vibrant tropical atmosphere. But some from amongst those top-notch laid back venue choose to lean on the greener side while maintaining the state-of-the-art lounging facility; one of them is Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar.

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Remotely situated at Payangan village of Gianyar district, one has to be forgiven for not being familiar with the location at all. Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar is built for the main purpose to give their guest an uninterrupted verdant getaway in-between their bustling activity-filled (holi) day, and they are not holding back in providing so.

During our visit, we are so spoiled by the facilities of Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar; especially the three level infinity pool overlooking the immaculate greenery where one can swim around and enjoy the close-to-nature ambience on its fullest. We dip and sip fizzling champagne on the super-cool Jacuzzi while get deliberately soaked in the venue’s scenic verdant vista.

Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar also have a quaint open-air dining venue serving delightful selection of quality tapas and drinks for the guest to savor upon whilst enjoying the scenery and accompanied by the ever-trickling sound of the majestic Oos River flowing below.

The tapas menus are simply (and brilliantly) remarked only by numbers (tapas #1, #2, #3 and so on), each with its very own combination of tantalizing dishes. For those craving for heavier meals, the restaurant also serves variety of comfort food; ranging from pizza, spaghetti to burgers. The tapas are delicious and come in generous portions, but we definitely crave for more and ask for another plate soon after we finished one. It’s simply that good!

The wooden-based interior and earthy-toned architecture of the entire venue was wonderfully made to perfectly fit the majestic natural surroundings. Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar also provides a perfect setting for couples seeking for intimate getaway with their loved one, and they complement it with the availability of romantic dinner setting in one of their open-space balcony by request.

For guests who are not staying at the Kayon Jungle Resort, you can purchase an entrance ticket which already inclusive of 1 tapas meal, 1 drinks and 1 towel to enjoy the pool and restaurant area.

If there’s anything Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar wants to embrace first and foremost; its tranquility. Rest assured that you will enjoy your relaxing moment here free of noise, pollution, and whatnot as you experience the greener, verdant side of the island first-hand. Definitely will come back for another posh getaway session!

Wanna Jungle Pool and Bar
The Kayon Jungle Resort
Banjar, Desa, Bresela, Payangan, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80572
Phone : +62 361 978 098
Instagram: @Wannajunglebar

* Children below 15 years old is not permitted to enter Kayon Jungle Pool & Bar