A New Cozy Hangout at Visavis Kitchen & Bar

Located on the busy jalan Imam Bonjol Denpasar, Visavis Kitchen & Bar was recently opened a few months ago. With modern, bold and warm decoré and full ac dining room, this restaurant is quite an oasis for a hangout place in this area.

Visavis Kitchen Denpasar Foodcious01

The interior was like a gentlemen’s club with a dark color, brick walls, and leather couches. On one side of the wall, they decorated with a mural that adds an artsy touch to this restaurant.

Visavis Kitchen Denpasar Foodcious02

Visavis Kitchen Denpasar Foodcious03

We started with a classic Margarita Pizza, simple thin crust pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and sundried tomato that was suitable for a simple meal and great to share.

Visavis Kitchen Denpasar Foodcious04
Classic Margarita

Butterfish Creamy Sauce came a bit not as we expected, judging by the name we kinda expect something creamy, but here they served the butterfish with some tomato sauce. The tender butterfish steak was nicely cooked it was served with Asian salad and I love the aromatic rice for the side dish, they mixed it with ginger torch flower that gives appetizing aromatic fragrance and adds some nice Asian flavor to this dish.

Visavis Kitchen Denpasar Foodcious06
Butterfish Creamy Sauce

For the meat lover, they have a hearty burger called the Visavis Burger; the burger patty was made from Australian beef that creates a juicy and flavorsome patty. They use beetroot burger bun for this burger, it only gives some color to the bun and doesn’t add any flavor to it. Caramelized onion, crispy onion, tomato, cheddar cheese, watercress and some sriracha mayo were added to this burger that creates extra texture and flavors. PS: Those sriracha mayo were addictive, I couldn’t stop dipping my fries to it 🙂

Visavis Kitchen Denpasar Foodcious07

Since they open for breakfast too, we give their Chocolatine and coffee a try; I can give two thumbs up for their pastries. I like the crunchy and flaky texture, and most of all I really like the chocolate they use, it’s dark chocolate with a hint of orange flavors on it. However, the coffee was a bit watery when I tried, hopefully it has improved now!

So if you’re looking for a nice place to eat and hang out, this can be an option.

Visavis Kitchen & Bar
Jalan Imam Bonjol
Denpasar, Bali
Instagram: @VisavisBali