Indonesian Food Showcase at Manisan Restaurant, Ubud

Opening its door since 2016, Manisan Restaurant becomes one of the showcases of Indonesian food diversities in Ubud. Comfortably surrounded by rice fields and lush garden adjacent to Alaya Resort with a gorgeous big joglo as the main building, along with Ubud’s serene and breezy charm; Manisan Bali brings out the beauty of Indonesia in the busy downtown Ubud. 

Serving menus from traditional Indonesian recipes with some unique touch curated by William Wongso, an Indonesian culinary expert with an international reputation. With selected food from different provinces in Indonesia that represents the flavors of Indonesia.

Our lunch started with nice Salad Kecipir, made from wing bean with tantalizing sweet and sour dressing, smoked pork, pomelo and spiced roasted cashew. With its crunchy texture, sweet and zesty flavors; this salad makes a great refreshing start for our lunch.

Salad Kecipir

If you’re familiar with moringa leaf and its benefits, here they served us a soup made from that leaves called Jukut Kelor. Jukut is a Balinese word literally translate as grass or can also be translated to vegetables. For this dish they use Moringa leaves with light and refreshing broth flavors combined with chayote, adzuki beans and yams that creates a delicious light and healthy soup.

Jukut Kelor

Sate Ayam Lalapan was served as our main course, it’s not like the usual sate ayam or chicken satay where they cut the meat into cubes and stick it to the skewers; here their sate was more like the seasoned chicken fillet were clamped between bamboo and they grilled it. For this sate they use free-range chicken that was grilled over coffee wood, the result was an amazing tasty succulent chicken with a smoky aroma.

Sate Ayam Lalapan

Gorgeous architecture, calm and breezy ambiance, and enjoying great food while looking at those lush rice fields just a great way to spend a relaxing lunch in Ubud with some delicious Indonesian cuisine.

Manisan Restaurant
Alaya Resort Ubud
Jalan Raya Hanoman
Ubud, Bali
IG: @ManisanBali


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