Bun, Patties and Everything Good In Between: Fatboy’s The Burger Bar

Born in 2009 as a result of endearing passion for wholesome hearty handcrafted burgers, Fatboy’s The Burger Bar wishes to be the answer for the classic burger joint in Asia. Originally hailed from Singapore, this year the restaurant has established in 17 locations across six countries of Asia, including their very first one in Bali, Indonesia.

Tucked conveniently on the side of Batu Belig Street, you can expect quality dine experience in Fatboy’s The Burger Bar. The venue maintains its distinctive black and white motifs (with a gracious touch of bright red), checkered tiles and jukebox that endlessly playing arrays of favorite tunes across the good era of music. Instead of mass-producing their burgers, Fatboy’s opt for a more noble method that focused purely on serving fresh and novel grub.

One of the most sought out menu in Fatboys is Fat Basterd; which consists double thick beef chuck patties, but if you want a slightly smaller portion, goes for Wimpy. It retains all the original ingredients from chewy bacon, cheddar cheesed, fried egg, homemade BBQ sauce but just a single patty. The taste is an incredible mix of scrumptious meaty, creamy flavor that spread in your tongue on each and every bite.


Or if you’re feeling for something more, Jamaican Me Hungry is a perfect choice; it is a delightful combo of pork patty (!), jerk seasoned bacon, more chewy bacon, sundried tomatoes, coleslaw and a generous spread of mayo between soft sesame seed bun. Not only comes in a generous size, the pork patty is so perfectly made it melt in your mouth and leave you longing for more. For a trusty side dish, you can order their crunchy French fries, or the groovy fries which added the already-special flavor with melted cheese and spicy jalapeno slices.

Jamaican Me Hungry

For those who prefer to spare the meat (read: vegan), worry not! Fatboy’s has also thoughtfully put together a menu to cater your need in form of Big Bello; consists a patty made from grilled portobello mushroom topped with caramelized onion, grilled peppers, sweetness of the pineapple, melted cheddar, another layer of cheese, and splotched with tasty chipotle sauce; it is a definite ‘burgasm’ in healthy, delicious and unconventional way.

Big Bello (V)

But speaking of ‘enormous’, nothing beats the restaurant’s Stiffee Foot Long; a gigantic beef sausage between 12 inches bun, topped with their signature chili queso, caramelized onion, chopped bacon and crisp tortilla straws. It represents every good trait of a hotdog, with doubled size to share with a friend or loved ones.

The Stiffee Foot-Long

Fatboy’s The Burger Bar Bali
Jalan Batu Belig no. 80
Kerobokan, Bali
IG: @Fatboys_Bali