Seminyak: Authentic Japanese Cuisine, Ichii Japanese Restaurant

Recently we visited Ichii Japanese Restaurant at Jalan Kunti, Seminyak. Well, it’s not a new restaurant but it’s been one of our favorite on the island that serves traditional Japanese dishes. The size of the restaurant itself was not that big and you can see the classic Japanese décor with its dark lacquered furniture, paintings, lanterns; and even the cushion cover that feels really Japanese style.

I have mentioned before the size of this restaurant were not that big, they have about 3 tables on the 1st floor if you prefer to sit on the chair or for something more traditional you can choose the 2nd floor seating area where they cover the floor with tatami mats sets 4 tables and put some cushions for guest to sits on it.

As for the menu, they serve mostly in set menu meal with wide selections like udon, ramen, tempura, sushi, Japanese hamburger and much more; all made with authentic recipes from Nagoya. We tried their Hana Kago Bento J (158K) which consists of Kaisen/Teriyaki Chicken Futomaki Sushi Roll, assorted Tempura with 4 kinds of appetizers and miso soup all dishes come in a really authentic taste. This bento was beautifully arranged in a large bamboo tray.

Ichii Japanese Restaurant Seminyak Bali
Kago Bento

And as always when it comes to Japanese food I always want to try the noodles, this time I opt for their Gozen Set H (98K) that has Nabe Yaki Udon on it. The Nabe-Yaki Udon were served in donabe (clay pot), it has delicious rich and savory stock with toppings like shiitake mushroom, tofu and much more. This set meal also comes with tempura rice balls, appetizers, and pickles.

Ichii Japanese Restaurant Seminyak Bali
Gozen Set

One thing on the menu that we had set our eyes on since we look at the list is their snow ice dessert. Basically, it’s a shaved ice dessert and somehow this kind of dessert been quite popular in Bali, we found several restaurants and dessert shop that sells this sort of dessert. We had their Snow Ice Mango Milk Shiratama 38K, we really love this dessert most shaved iced I’ve tried they only use plain ice but here the ice itself has flavors I think the one we had was a vanilla flavor ice, and the 2nd thing I love is the mochi 🙂 yes they use mochi among those ice and the 3rd is the milk there’s something “nostalgic” taste on the milk they use I don’t know what it is but it’s gooood, last but not least is the mango it comes in generous portion too. Well, this snow ice is just the kind of dessert that would suit for a hot sunny day in Bali 🙂

Ichii Japanese Restaurant Seminyak Bali
Snow Ice Mango Milk Shiratama

As always we love this restaurant, we love the authentic taste they deliver, the fresh taste of their food and since it comes in the set menu we can try several dishes in one set.

Ichii Japanese Restaurant
Jalan Kunti I No 119 Seminyak
Phone: 62361 934 8798
Instagram: @IchiiJapanese