Light & Exotic Indian Cuisine : TIFFIN Bali

A good Indian Restaurant in Bali is few and far between, with some venues trying so hard to impress by their fine-dine, high-class setting. But Tiffin Bali managed to tick almost all the boxes by going back to the root of ‘homemade’ aspect in their modern, light-portioned menus.

Petitenget Seminyak Best Indian Restaurant

Seated on the side of Petitenget street, just a few minutes from the Lio interstate, Tiffin Bali introduces a progressive approach to Indian cuisine with its ‘Indian tapas’ concept. With emphasis placed on the quality of ingredients and redefined presentation, the food at Tiffin is as Indian as it is modern.

Petitenget Seminyak Best Indian Restaurant

The open-air interior is modestly chic, simply enough as a quaint space to enjoy the meal and have a nice chat between friends or family; with a vibrantly-colored Ganesha mural on the inner section, providing a perfect spot for social-media aficionados to snap and showcase their meals through internet.

Tiffin Best Indian Restaurant Petitenget Bali
Aloo Chaat

Menu highlights at Tiffin Bali includes ‘Aloo Chaat’ – a popular street style snack found in many roadside vendors in Mumbai.

Tiffin Best Indian Restaurant Petitenget Seminyak Bali
Prawns Tadka

The seafood-induced goodness ‘Prawns Tadka’, and the ever-popular ‘Chicken Makhani’, more affectionately known as ‘Butter Chicken’, which can be perfectly savored with a delicious bowl of jeera rice or finely-textured homemade-style paratha flat bread.

Tiffin Best Indian Restaurant Petitenget Seminyak Bali
Chicken Makhani

Tiffin Bali
Jl. Petitenget No.17C,
Petitenget, Kerobokan, Bali

Tel. +628113865869
Instagram: @tiffinbali