One Eyed Jack, The Japanese Izakaya in Canggu

What is Izakaya? Well, the word Izakaya is reffering to a Japanese gastropub, a casual place where people go for a drink after work. One Eyed Jack that located in jalan Pantai Berawa brings that Izakaya concept to Canggu with great selections of Japanese Tapas to share and various cocktail creations.


This restaurant was surrounded by brick s and black walls decorated with some gold murals that accentuate the walls and some lantern hanging on the ceiling definitely brings some Japanese modern feel. Once we enter the staff would shout “Irrashaimase!!” as standard Japanese greet that means welcome. We can choose to sit on the bar or on the dining area.


As I mention before the food were served in Tapas style with some choices like yakitori (Skewers), small bites, tacos, raw and bao; but they also have some donburi (rice bowl) if you prefer something in bigger portions.

We had some great menus like their Spicy Salmon bites that served on top of crispy rice with some umami eel sauce, tasteful Chicken Gyoza (Japanese dumpling), Tuna Tartar and their appetizing Wagyu Tacos served with wasabi – shiso aioli, red onion, chili and cilantro.

Chicken Gyoza
Chicken Gyoza
Spicy Salmon

Among all their dishes we’ve tried we also have some personal favorite like their tender Miso Black Cod served with cucumber and sesame that have umami and clean flavors. Also their Crispy Soft Shell Crab Sliders that looks like a mini burger served in fried mantao (bao) with creamy spicy sauce, cabbage and red onion.

Miso Black Cod
Miso Black Cod

As the concept is an Izakaya, no doubt that they would have a fine list of cocktails, sake and chuhai. They have some signature cocktail creations like Memoirs of a Geisha a green tea infused shocu based cocktails mixed with Cointreau, ginger liquor and lemon. And as for something fruity their A Night In Roppongi Cocktail that mixed of Japanese Whiskey, Pomelo, Cointreau, Lime, Orange Bitter.

A Night In Roppongi Cocktail

So, pair the dish with some cocktails and get the Japanese Izakaya’s experience.

Oh I forgot to mention, they also have kids menu selections. My son had their delicious Chicken Teriyaki; it was served with salad and they shape the rice into a cute snoopy head’s. Totally cute, tasty and healthy

Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki

One Eyed Jack
Jalan Pantai Berawa
Canggu – Bali
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