New & Delicious: Skillet Buttermilk Hotcake at Watercress Café

Let’s start the day with something sweet..

dsc_0021-01Found in the heart of Batubelig, Watercress Café has become one of Bali’s destination café for breakfast and brunch. With white walls, gorgeous rustic décor and beautiful food presentation would surely become one of “Instagram photo-hunter’s” favorite spots. But as for me, this café never failed to surprise me with their creations and rustic food concept.

Skillet Buttermilk Hotcake
Skillet Buttermilk Hotcake

One of their latest creations for breakfast is their new Skillet Buttermilk Hotcake (75K); hotcake is basically another name for pancake. Here they make their hotcake super fluffy J and gorgeous; I love the crunchy edges on the hotcake, it was topped with whipped ricotta cheese, sweet mixed berries and crunchy toasted nuts. It feels like a warm toasty morning that would make you feel good to start your day 🙂

Clockwise: Skillet Buttermilk Hotcake, Cappuccino, Crispy Sweet Corn Fritters, Tropical Fruit of paradise, Chai Tea
Clockwise: Skillet Buttermilk Hotcake, Cappuccino, Crispy Sweet Corn Fritters, Tropical Fruit of paradise, Chai Tea

I paired my hotcakes with a cup of beautifully spiced hot Milk Chai Tea (35K) that adds some comforting taste to on my breakfast.  What is chai tea? Well, it was a spiced milk tea originally comes from India; it has hot creamy texture, bold black tea flavors with warm exotic and aromatic spices fragrance. Just love it!!

Tropical fruits of paradise
Tropical fruits of paradise

But if you’re looking for something light and fresh, they have this fruit salad called Tropical Fruit Paradise (45K) that consists of seasonal fruits served with fresh mint, toasted coconut, crunchy nuts and zesty lime.


Oh for those who stayed in Ubud, do you know that Watercress also open in Ubud? Well just stop by at their café in Jalan Monkey Forest to try those yummy yummy breakfast.


Watercress Café
Jalan Batu Belig #21A
Kerobokan, Bali
Ph: 085102808030
IG :@WatercressBali



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