Canggu: New Humble “Warung-Style” Cafe, Ulekan


Newbie in Canggu, a stylish interior “warung-style” café called Ulekan located in jalan Tegal Sari, Berawa. After years of experience behind the well-known Watercress and Milk & Madu, they nailed it again with their new baby; Ulekan. Ulekan itself is a word from Bahasa that can be translated as mortar (a traditional kitchen tool shaped like a bowl to crush and grind substances and turn it into paste or powder).



In here they serve humble Indonesian food such as nasi campur with various selections of meat, fish, chicken, fritters and vegetables. I’ve tried their Beef Rendang, even though it’s not as spicy as Padang’s beef rendang but it’s a good one, it melts in your mouth. I could just eat it with hot steam rice, cassava leaf, tempe and their green chili sambal. It’s just yummy in the tummy.


Since the name of this café is ulekan, I think it would be fair to try something from their “ulekan” section like their Gado-gado that consist of steam vegetables and mixed with some homemade peanut sauce. Tasty yet still healthy 🙂


Try also some of their unique ice teas and granitas, like the one we had was Ice tea with lemongrass, ginger nectar and pandan that create really exotic and flavorful ice tea. And their Tangerine & Passion fruit granita was a perfect companion for this hot and sunny weather.


Let’s go grab and experience some Indonesian dishes at Ulekan Bali 🙂



Ulekan Bali
Jalan Tegal Sari, Berawa
Canggu – Bali
IG: @UlekanBali 



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  1. Paz Fourcard says:

    Such a beautifully done feature. Congratulations to Ulekan and The Good Food Brotherhood for another amazing venture. Great work Foodcious. You just keep getting better and better. Wonderful style!

    1. Thank you, yeah we also love how The Good Food Brotherhood always came up with fresh food and new ideas 😊.

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