Love Child Shop a Stylish Pad in Canggu

Earlier this November I visit a newly open shop at Jalan Raya Semat, Canggu. A stylish shop called Love Child filled with lots of gorgeous stuffs like from home décor, bags, jewelries, cute baby and kids’ clothes, pajamas, make up and many more. It’s a stylish pad for mommy and baby.


dsc_0002Entering this shop I can smell the calm and beautiful scent from the soy candles they have there. Most of the stuff they have are were organic and environmental friendly, handmade and crafted by some creative and artistic mommies.


dsc_0013_editedHere you can find some really cool and cute apparel for baby and kids; tank tops, shorts, t-shirts, they got lots of stuff to keep your little one comfortably fashionable.


For those delicate baby skins they have wide selections of baby toiletries like organic baby wipes, non-alcohol hand sanitizers, no SLS, chemicals and Parabens free soaps; all the things that will keep your baby skins healthy. And one of my favorite soap is those organic handmade soaps from Australia; it was made with essential oils and has wonderful fragrant also works as natural remedies for babies, like their eucalyptus for cold and cough, mint and lavender to calm them and help them sleep also tea tree that helps to heal small cuts and as anti-bacteria.



And as for the mommies you can find some chic handmade macramé wall décor, gorgeous leather bags, shoes and sandals, some jewelry and a table full of great make up collections. And one of the interesting items I found here is the Bikini Bag from Always In Bali, it’s a cute clutch with waterproof lining on the inside, it works as a stylish bag to put your wet bikini after a day in the beach or as an everyday clutch. I think it’s a great shop in this neighborhood where you can find lots of interesting stuffs for birthday gift, baby showers or even just to pamper yourself.


dsc_0035_editedStop by, take a peek and find something that you’ll love.


Love Child Shop
Store #2 Gang  19
Jalan Raya Semat
Canggu, Bali 80361
IG @ShopLoveChild_


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