Swich Sandwich “The Way You Like It”

Guest Blogger: Gino Andrias. Sandwich is a food item commonly consisting of two or more slices of bread, with one or more fillings between them, that’s what Wikipedia said. While Uncle Sam’s country, a court in Boston to be exact, ruled that “sandwich” includes at least two slices of bread.

If you trying to figure out a picture in your head based on those description, you’ll more likely picturing a lame bread with a piece of slice cheese and…that’s it.


Let me introduce you a sandwich hut named: Swich. Tucked in neatly in Double Six road Legian, with it’s bamboo wall studded with either surf photos or a super close up sandwich that will make you drool on your first step in. Started back in 2011 by retired b-boy but still an avid surfer: Akung, though it’s only aged 2 years old, but they already set the bar for what good sandwich really are. “All of the ingredients we use here are all local grown, the tempe and vegetable is daily fresh, so does the tofu patties, the chicken schnitzel are home made” said Akung, baring his Swich trucker hat.


I pay a visit to Swich hut on a broad daylight, only to be greeted by Akung and girlfriend: Lauren which they spontaneously bombardiered our taste bud with their iconic yet best selling items. “POW” (45k) is their mother of all sandwiches, dedicated to fill whoever feels terribly hungry. This tastefully intimidating sandwich are made of baguette, roast chicken, crispy bacon, cheese, avocado, tomato, lettuce and their secret Swich mayo, a perfect order if you dripping wet-just outta surf hunger, hence it’s name “POW”, it’ll knock your hunger out cold.

Other item they serve were “Tempting Tempe” (30k), yes, it is sounds healthy yet lighter option for those of you who want to stay in a lightweight class. A good fat roll of homemade marinated tempe, avocado, tomato, onion, and baby spinach with sweet chili, pesto and Swich mayo rolled in a good tortilla wrap. The tempe taste still stand for it’s uniqueness, even it got mixed up with pesto. The ladies usually fell in love with this for it’s “sin free” but still can give that good kick.


To act like a frosting sugar on the cake, their beverages are also one to look out for. “Bagus Banana” (S: 25k, L: 30k) a heavenly mix of local banana, ice cream, milk and honey that can seeps nicely into your tummy, to chill those mid core temperature of you. But you can also try to order “Berry-Berry Sweet” (S: 25k, L: 30k) that consists of strawberry, milk and ice cream. This blend gives you a twist of tangy fresh from the berry and the sweet but slightly thick texture from the ice cream.

Swich’s jargon “the way you like it” really stand for something. Meaning; you can simply custom made your own sandwich. By simply grabbing one of that paper sfrom their counter and tick the boxes on what you want to have inside of your sandwich. Simple deal.


“Really soon we will add more bread variety into our range, it will be wheat bread, whole meal bread and many more” add Akung.

If you happen to be around Legian beach and your hunger are at apocalyptic level, simply head to Swich sandwich. Recommended!

Find ‘em also at Canggu, and Dupa Drupadi Seminyak from 9am – 5pm (all closed on Monday).


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