Explore Indonesia Culinary Heritage at Arsana Bali, Seminyak

With years of experience in culinary industry; William Wongso spice up Seminyak’s gastronomy with his new restaurant Arsana, situated in the heart of Petitenget at Alila Seminyak. Focusing on authentic Indonesian cuisine, Arsana create their dishes using its traditional recipes. Starts from their appetizing starter to mouthwatering main course ends with sweet indulging desserts.foodcious_arsana_08-29-11.45.54

foodcious_arsana_08-29-11.51.59Our culinary experience begins with some dishes from east part of Indonesia like Mie Goreng Padang (55K) from West Sumatra, unlike the Javanese or Chinese fried noodle style that use soy sauce; this dish were more into herbs and spices with generous heat and some curry taste on it.

Ayam Bekakak (left) Mie Goreng Padang (right)
Ayam Bekakak (left) Mie Goreng Padang (right)

Next dish was Empal Balado (81K), empal is tenderize/smashed fried meat, usually cooked first in herbs then fried it. Here at Arsana they have 2 types of empal, made from beef or from pork. We definitely opt for the pork one 🙂 I love the crispy texture from this empal and how the spices really soak into the meat, then some mouthwatering Padang balado sauce to add some heat.

Empal Balado
Empal Balado

As you might know that all over Indonesia there are so many variations of satay, one of them is Sate Maranggi from West Java. Using Wagyu beef, they create Sate Wagyu Maranggi (185K) not only tender but also tasteful sate maranggi with its sweet and caramelized sauce.

Sate Wagyu Maranggi
Sate Wagyu Maranggi

One of Indonesia’s traditional feast dishes nasi tumpeng also served here. The tri-color cone shape rice dish which they called Nasi Tumpeng Nusantara (157) were served in individual size with some side dishes from some regions in Indonesia such as beef rendang from West Sumatra, grilled king prawn, woku chicken from North Sulawesi, caramelized tempeh and my favorite among all those dishes are the buntil salmon, it’s steamed salmon wrapped in papaya leaves.

Nasi Tumpeng Nusantara
Nasi Tumpeng Nusantara

Make sure to spare some space for those delectable traditional Indonesian desserts. I think this restaurant can be a refreshing addition for culinary in Bali and promoting Indonesian culinary. So if you’re in Petitenget area, maybe this restaurant can be an option for you. Thank you Arsana team for having us!!


Arsana Bali
Alila Seminyak
Jl. Taman Ganesha No. 9
Petitenget Bali
Ph: +62 361 3023 888
IG: @ArsanaBali

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