Wellness Retreat at The Leaf Jimbaran

Taking a break from all our routine, we headed to Jimbaran area for a weekend escape. Jimbaran is known as a fishing village also for its seafood restaurants in Jimbaran beach. Not far from the seafood restaurant’s’ location is where we’re going to spend our staycation at The Leaf Jimbaran (book here for special price), a quite new villa compound situated at the Jimbaran hill.



Location-wise it was a bit hidden from all the busy Jimbaran tourist area yet it still nearby and accessible which is perfect for a weekend getaway. The Leaf Jimbaran is focusing on health and wellness retreat through their nutritious and healthy menu, relaxing ambiance and rejuvenating activities.


Arrive at The Leaf
As we arrived their staff were friendly greets us, served with some refreshments and cold towels to refresh ourselves after a long drive. The lobby also become part of some activity center (I will share about the activity later 🙂), they have a library with all interesting books about health and some toys for the little one to play with. During our stay we can choose different type of pillows we prefer, I think it’s really good way to enhance the guest sleeping quality. After a quick check-in procedure we took a buggy to our villa, the whole compound were decorated with lush greenery.




The Villa
We finally arrived at Sage Villa, a two bedroom villa compound with a private pool. The master bedroom were equipped with king size bed whilst the 2nd room had this twin bed. The room itself were decorated with calming turquoise color and beige accent, dark wood parquet floor. It has modern touch with elegant details on the interior.



Each room has its own en-suite bathroom, with white stone bathtub and rain shower feature. In front of the bathtub they install a flat screen TV, haha it feels like a luxury to take a bath and watch TV at the same time 🙂. Each bathroom has their own access to the pool, so there’s no need to worry about water puddle in the bedroom floor after swimming. And as for all the ladies, you’ll be happy to found that they use L’Occitane for the toiletries 🙂



Both rooms were separated by a living room, dining room and kitchen. With tea and coffee maker, stove, and on the refrigerator they fill it with complimentary fresh juice, complimentary mini bar selections and some yummy homemade cookies. And if you bring your children during your stay here, you can even ask for some pool toys for them to play.


TWG Tea Time Experience
After setting in, we head up to Sattvic Restaurant for some TWG tea time experience. Unlike other tea time experience which highlight more on to beautiful cakes and savory bites, in here it’s more about the tea itself. We learn about how to prepare the tea like the right temperature to prepare the tea, benefits of each tea, distinct flavors and characteristics of each type of tea, process behind each tea type and also about what type of food that would suit to be paired with each type of tea. Overall we try 12 different type of tea start from the light ones to the full bodied ones and close it with the beautiful fragrant vanilla bourbon tea that acts quite similar like a dessert wine.

Tea Time Experience
Tea Time Experience

Dining Experience
One of the perks of staying in a villa is that we can choose whether we want to have breakfast in the villa or in the restaurant. We just love in villa dining that means we don’t need to rush up to get shower and lined up for the buffet 🙂. For in villa breakfast they have quite some interesting menu like Asian menu, Indonesian menu, Paleo breakfast, some gluten free baked good and many more. But if you want more options the breakfast buffet selections on the restaurant also worth to try.



For lunch and dinner we had some Asian fusion dishes at the Sattvic Restaurant (I will share more about the dining on our other post). All the menu here were inspired by healthy celebrity chef Daniel Green, using fresh and nutritious ingredients based on Paleo diet. While most healthy food consider as tasteless and raw food, on the contrary in here they serve delicious, tasty and amusing menu.



The Leaf Jimbaran has several activities that enabled you to get in touch with some of Balinese culture. During our stay coincide with their “canang” or Balinese offering making activity, this activity took place in the lobby. I learn step by step on how to make this canang accompanied by their recreation staff. It was quite interesting and turns out it’s not as simple as it look 🙂

Learn how to make canang
Learn how to make canang


Another activity that I had was the Balinese Blessings ceremony held on their temple, this ceremony was meant for cleansing the negative energy, while for me it was so relaxing with all the chanting and meditation.

Balinese Blessing Ceremony

Aside from making canang and Balinese blessings activity they also have other energizing and soothing activities that designed for every guest interest such as F.I.T kit fitness program, yoga, meditation, aquaFIT, jamu making, fruit carving and many more.



Thyme Spa
A little pampering during my vacation is a must 🙂, a little “me time” at their Thyme Spa while my husband play with our son. They use Evidens de Beaute products from Japan made from natural ingredients. The treatment room itself were not that big, with medium dark finished wooden wall and a glass wall on one side facing the fish pond, with soothing music playing on the background and relaxing aromatherapy on the air.



First the therapist cleans my foot before start the treatment, soak it in a bowl of warm water with flower petals and scrub it with some sea salt. Then I had a deep tissue massage treatment, the therapist do some long strokes massage movement which quite relaxing and really relieve my muscle tenses. Really an hour well spend 🙂.

Overall it was a relaxing and rejuvenating experience with warm and friendly service. For us it was a great family weekend getaway, thanks The Leaf Jimbaran!

The Leaf Jimbaran (book here for special price)
Jalan Jepun Karang Mas Sejahtera
Jimbaran, Bali
62 361 4725 445
IG: @theleafjimbaran


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