Heart Warming Menu from Watercress Café

#Bali, Watercress café in Batubelig been one of the hippest café in this area, well it’s definitely hip for some reasons. Cozy place, comfort and scrumptious food are some of the reasons people come to this café. Serving hearty and healthy menu, start with their warm and toasty breakfast paired with perfect cup of coffee or hot tea selections, their beautiful and colorful showcases lunch menu filled with lots of tasty crunchy salads, warm quiches, lasagna and all other mouthwatering food; not to mention their wonderful burgers and sandwiches on their a la carte lunch menu for some quick and fulfilling lunch.



Recently they bring some tasty addition to their menu, simple Coconut Porridge with Caramelized Apple (70k) warm oats porridge with distinct cinnamon flavors and topped with crunchy nuts served with delicious almond milk, surely cannot resist this tempting and comforting dish. Spanish Chorizo & Baked Eggs (80K) is like foodie’s favorite, served in iron skillet on top of wooden chop board; and colorful definitely gonna make some beautiful pictures. Not only has it looked beautiful it also tasty with the smoky chorizo and rich in fresh tomato sauce and runny egg yolk.

Coconut Porridge with Caramelized Apple
Coconut Porridge with Caramelized Apple
Spanish Chorizo
Spanish Chorizo

Opt for something from their lunch showcase, Roasted Mushroom Quiche (25K), Crispy Sweet Corn Fritters (10K) and Spinach Crêpes (25K) are some of our favorite with their comforting flavors.

Roasted Mushroom Quiche
Roasted Mushroom Quiche

I’m not really into vegetarian food, however I like their Veggie Burger with Hummus and Sweet Chili (70K); they put all crunchy and healthy goodness into one stack that create mouthful and tasty burger.

Veggie Burger with Hummus & Sweet Chili
Veggie Burger with Hummus & Sweet Chili

When it comes to combining good food and fresh ingredients, this café definitely one of our favorite.

Special Organic Chocolate Crumble Affogato
Special Organic Chocolate Crumble Affogato


Watercress Café Batubelig
Jalan Batubelig no 21
62 851 0280 8030
IG @watercressbali


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