Colonial Style Dinner at Kembang Goela Restaurant


#Jakarta, This was not my first visit to this place and everytime I came to this restaurant the atmosphere always give me warm and comfortable feeling.



It has colonial style with a dim lighting, it gives the entire restaurant elegant ambience. Some of the food is having authentic Indonesian taste and there are also foods with a touch of European taste. Since this was not my first time coming here so I decided to order something that I never ordered before (usually I always order their dendeng balado and it taste enakkk bangettt 😁).

After browsing the menu and asking the waiter on their fav menu We were decided to order Sweet Romance (37.5K), Es Jangan Ditanya (41K) and Djoes Kemoening (42K) for our drinks.



While for the appetizer we ordered Sosis Sinyo Londo (175K), you just have to try this one if you visit this restaurant, it taste goooddd.


As the maincourse we ordered Mauritje Van Gambir – Deep fried braised chicken in green chilli relish (91K) and Ewrten soup – Lentil beans and green peas soup with chicken sousage and garlic bread (73K). All the food the we ordered were success, awesome and dilicious ❤️.



In every meal you just have to close it with something sweet 😜 and we decided to order Broeder Tape (46K), yummneesss to the maxx especially when you eat it with vanilla ice cream 😍.


Btw, all their food have an interesting and cute name, you just have to read the description to know what kind of food it is 😉.


We enjoyed eating and chatting in the restaurant, the price might be ain’t cheap but it goes with high quality food and surely delicious as well.

Kembang Goela
Parking Lot Plaza Sentral
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 47-48
Jakarta 12920
Open: 11AM-11PM
Phone: 021-5205651


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  1. frejatravels says:

    the food looks good. Is the chicken with green chili relish spicy?

    1. It’s medium spicy 🙂

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