Holy “Fall of The Bone” Ribs


Yaayyyy it’s weekend!!! Its time for me to explore Jakarta’s new restaurant (at least restaurant that I’ve never visit πŸ˜…). Last saturday I was decided to try Holy Ribs and as far as I know the place is always full and have long queing. I was coming quite early that day around 5pm (second half of the opening time), because I don’t want to queu 😜.


Because I don’t like meat with to many fat so I was ordering US Prime Backribs 2 bones 450gr (105k) and this is based on the waiter suggestion. The waiting time is quite long for the ribs but its ok because I’ve got companied by yummyyyyy onion ring πŸ˜…πŸ˜… (20k) and mushroom soup (20k), as the starter both menu are really good.


My US ribs coming in a very big portion with coleslaw and french fries (I don’t know how to finish it all πŸ™Š haha). When I was cutting the meat it was effortless, like they are saying ‘Fall-off-the-bone’. The meat is so tender and seasoned really well… bottom line its really good πŸ˜€. But for the sauce I prefer to have black pepper compare to BBQ.


Really satisfied with the food, cozy american style ambience and the service as well. Definitely must visit place if you haven’t try this place.

Btw this is their opening hour
5pm – 10pm (last order)

11am – 11pm (last order)

Holy Ribs
Jl. Panglima Polim V No. 21
Jakarta Selatan
IG: @theholyribs


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