Interesting Venue in Seminyak: Nebula Restaurant

(Bahasa Indonesia) Several months ago I wrote about Nebula Room, a vibrant colorful cafe in Poppies Lane, Kuta; they recently open a new cafe in Petitenget with modern minimalist design and simple, clean monochromatic color that brings a different ambiance compare to the one in Kuta. Surrounded by glass walls adds plenty of natural lights inside the cafe.



With the same menu concept, Nebula Petitenget not only serves comfort food they also add fresh and healthy salads, wraps, sandwich, also their famous Stellar Burger, they also add smoothies in bowl on their menu. Smoothies in bowl is kinda like a new trend on the island, a healthy, light, refreshing menu and not to mention makes a pretty pictures too 🙂


We can construct our own smoothies in bowl (here they name it Bowl of Heaven – 60K), start by choosing the smoothies or yoghurt, then pick what types of granola we opt for, last we can pick 3 selections of fresh fruits for toppings. We can add more fun and healthy toppings if we like with additional charge. Ok for this bowl of heaven we picked Sunset smoothies that made from strawberry, mango, banana and OJ; and we added toasted muesli with tropical fruits & nuts for the granola, then topped with strawberry, banana and shredded coconut. Its fresh and fruity flavors filled me up without feeling guilty 🙂


Aside from that bowl of heaven, we also try their Thai Fried Rice Pork Belly (65K), as simple as the name it’s a fried rice dish with crispy pork belly, to tell you the truth I barely can taste what makes this dish a “Thai fried rice”, BUT it taste really GOOD!! No doubt I will come back for this one 🙂


Overall we love this cozy cafe, we love the food with good portion and quality. This cafe can be a great spot to hangout! What do you think?

Nebula Petitenget
Jl. Lebak Sari no 18
Seminyak, Bali
IG @NebulaRestaurant


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