Gardin Bistro: Gothic Glasshouse Bistro

(Bahasa Indonesia) You might notice this bistro from pictures posted in social media, their mid-century European Gothic interior seems pretty interesting and so “Instagram-able”, specially their glass house at the back that looks like a greenhouse with all the lush plants on the outside.

Located in the heart of Petitenget Seminyak; Gardin Bistro and Patisserie is definitely on the list to visit when people travels to Bali. Combining Balinese and Indonesian cuisine with international technique and style, Executive Chef Tommy Rook creates interesting menu and adds personal touch to the dishes.

From their appetizer list I’m quite curious with Foie Gras with Manggis Salak Puree (182K), Manggis (Mangosteen) and Salak (Snakeskin fruit) fruits that commonly found in some region in Indonesia, this dish create a delicate and buttery flavor combines with acidic and sweet taste from the fruits puree, which makes an interesting and appetizing dish that makes me curious with their next course.

With a complex combination of flavor, Fried Shrimp and Mango Salad (69K) also one of Gardin’s favorite menu. Crispy shrimps serves on top of mango salad with chili, coriander and sweet and sour sauce; has a tangy, fresh and aromatic flavors, it taste almost like Thai mango salad to me.

Ok done with the appetizer and salad, next off to the main course 🙂 For the main course I opt for Braised Beef Cheek (162K), this dish is so scrumptious makes me cannot stop eating it, the beef cheeks are so juicy and tender kinda melt in my mouth with sweet and savory taste.

If you’re a vegetarian, they also have some interesting creations here. Using tempeh (soy cake), a traditional Indonesian product they create a delightful dish The Tempeh Reuben (58K) sourdough sandwich filled with fried tempeh, sauerkraut and Russian dressing that elevated this tempe to another culinary level.

For brunch Kentang Balado Eggs Benedicts (68K) is one of their unique creation. Kentang balado is Indonesian dish made from fried potato served with chili sauce, whilst egg benedict commonly found on most breakfast menu. Combine both dishes it creates a unique spicy, aromatic, also the acidity from hollandaise sauce characteristic.

So, if you’re visiting Bali and looking for some unique, delicious and a bit out of the box kind of dishes, you can try Gardin Bistro and Patisserie. While I was eating there, I take a look at other’s table who were having their high tea menu, hmm looks interesting and pretty I think I will try it on my next visit.


Gardin Bistro & Patisserie
Jl. Petitenget
Seminyak, Bali
IG: @Gardin_Allin


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