Happy Chappy: Hong Kong Style Chinese Cuisine

I think almost in every part of the world you can find Chinese Restaurants. Known for its simple preparation and fast cooking method yet still can create a rich flavorful cuisine that makes Chinese cuisine quite popular. This time I will share about Hong Kong style Chinese cuisine, which still get the influence from several Chinese regions and western.


Happy Chappy Bar & Restaurant is a new place in Bali that serves Hong Kong style cuisine. Choosing fresh and good quality ingredients creates a tasteful dishes that brings crowd to this restaurant that just open for couple of months.

One of their favorite menu here are the Dim Sum Platters (95K), consist of Chicken Shiu Mai (4pcs), Chicken Shanghai Dumpling (4pcs), Bak Pao with Peking Duck (3pcs), Prawn Har Gow (4pcs), Prawn Gou Gee (4pcs); just love all of it, it has tasty and fresh filling that makes me want to eat more of it.

Aside from the dim sum, I also notice some traditional Cantonese cuisine here like the Hong Kong Roasted Duck (Half 225K/ Whole 450K) it’s a tasty crispy roasted duck skin wrapped in pancake and served with plum sauce.

Wait don’t panic we don’t only eat the skin, for this dish all the duck’s meat can be used for other dishes, this time we chose to cook it into Sang Choy Bau, minced duck meat wrapped with lettuce. Both dishes can create an appetizing entrée.

Off to the main course, we tried Shredded Beef Szechuan Style (Small 80K/ Large 120K), crispy beef slices cooked with sweet, sour and spicy Szechuan sauce. Kung Pao Prawn (Small 110K/ Large 165K) cooked with Szechuan chili and cashew nuts; also don’t forget to try their Prawn and Squid Hong Kong Style Fried Rice (Small 45K / Large 67K) it also one of our favorite.

Overall I this this restaurant deliver a beautiful cuisine with authentic flavor and generous portion. Another added value for me is their friendly service with good product knowledge from the staff. Two thumbs up for Happy Chappy!!


Happy Chappy Bar & Restaurant
Jalan Braban, Kerobokan


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