Nebula Room

(Bahasa Indonesia) When you heard about Poppies Lane, perhaps the first thing that caught in your mind were backpackers’ hotels. But when I passed through Poppies Lane 2, I found some interesting restaurants worth to explore like the Nebula Room, situated in front of Dekuta hotel. The location itself not so crowded unlike other parts of Poppies Lane. This restaurant were fully decorated with vibrant color and Southern American ornaments.

Nebula Room served Asian and International comfort food. This time I spent my morning routine here for some breakfast with my husband, soon as I saw pancake on the menu, I definitely would picked that. Pancake (40K) a batch of hot pancake always been my favorite choice for breakfast, here they served the pancake with fresh berries, syrup and ice cream (ok ice cream for breakfast? Why not?).

For something savory, I love their homemade Hashbrowns (36K) stacked with bacon and scrambled egg on top, nothing could go wrong with bacon and egg right? 🙂 These savory hashbrowns were crispy and not soggy up to the last bite.

Make sure to try their fresh juices too. My favorite is their Banana/Passion Fruit/Mango juice (35K), never thought that I would actually love banana juice 🙂 but this one is really good though, it has sweet and sour combination with extra crunchy passion fruit seeds. For something tangy and fresh you can try Raspberry/Lime/Mint juice (45K).

Aside from the restaurant bellow, they also have roof top deck with a different ambiance. It has all white furniture and its own bar, decorated with plants and fake grass make it looks like a garden. The roof top deck open from 3PM, suitable for sunset cocktail.


Nebula Room (Hotel Dekuta)
Poppies Lane 2 no. 8. Kuta-Bali.
Denpasar, Bali. Indonesia 80361
Phone (0361) 764502


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