Milk & Madu, Canggu

(Bahasa Indonesia) Breakfast is the most important meals of the day isn’t it? I always finds breakfast menu more interesting compared to lunch or dinner menu, mostly because some of my favorite food is usually on the breakfast menu. Other than that for me breakfast time means a little time to catch my breath after my hustle and bustle morning and before I start my next morning activity.

This time I’m enjoying my breakfast at Milk & Madu in Canggu trying to re-charge my fuel while waiting until noon to pick up my son. As usual my breakfast routine always start a bit late, after I’m done with my morning duty then I’ll find some quiet time to enjoy my breakfast. Though the weather is sizzling hot, but I can feel the breezy air when I sit in this open Joglo house (traditional Javanese house). It’s a great day to spend my quiet time in the morning.

Ok first I need a good cup of Cappuccino (30K), they use coffee from Revolver one of well-known coffee house in Bali, with blended beans from Colombia, Guatemala and Papua. Opt for something fresh try Frozen Granita (40K) made from young coconut sorbet, watermelon, lychee and lime.

Off to the breakfast menu, I pick Skillet Egg with Sundried tomato pesto (60K), confit cherry tomatoes, creamy goat cheese and rocket, it’s a combination of sweet sour and refreshing flavor. It’s delicious and not too heavy.

While my husband prefer a heavier breakfast so he picked The Madu (75K), toast with poached eggs, mashed avocado, topped with homemade hollandaise sauce, and with onion jam and yummy crispy bacon on the side. I found their hollandaise sauce is a bit different, it has more acidity compare to what I used to find, which is good to neutralize the creamy egg yolk and the avocado taste.

Things that I like from this place, other than the fresh food, good coffee and great ambiance, but also a kid’s friendly restaurant, since they provide some toys and coloring books to entertain the little ones while their parents enjoying their meals.Signage

Milk & Madu
Jalan Pantai Berawa 52
Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Ph: 0361 4081872
Facebook: Milk & Madu
Twitter: @Milkandmadu
Instagram: Milkandmadu

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